Friday, April 3, 2020

Brandon and the Bees

When I was coaching college football in NAIA Division I years ago during the late 80's and early 90's, and I was the strength coach, defensive line coach, practice and game field supervisor, and laundry technician (I washed the uniforms), there was no separate budget for anything. I never heard the word budget. I guess the head coach just bought some stuff when he wanted it, or if we needed something for the weight room, I guess that I  would beg for a new bar or some dum bells . But I didn't know any better, so I didn't worry about it. It never occurred to me that we should have a strength and conditioning budget.

So, when we wanted something for the players, we had to get imaginative.

I was massively into Muay Thai training for the football players, courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys and Randy White and their amazing strength coach, Dr. Bob Ward. Ward and White came out with a VHS tape called, "Creating Big Plays", that detailed their unique Muay Thai and hand fighting techniques. Problem was, we needed some Thai pads for our players. At that time in America, there were no Thai pads around. Muay Thai was new to this country, MMA wasn't around and the only Thai pads that I ever saw were on the video that Ward and White produced. We could kick the football shields, they were cool, but way too big.  I needed pads small enough for each hand and they needed to be big enough to kick, punch, knee and elbow.

Back then, I had a black Labrador named Dutch. There were a bunch of fields where I took him so that I could work on his retrieving drills for hunting. I rotated places. I had the Broad River when I wanted to take him swimming, I had the fire trails for some straight in the woods training and I had a big high school field with lots of room for all kinds of drills. 

I noticed one day when Dutch and I were at the big high school field working on retrieving that there was a bunch of old football hand shields sort of in a pile on the edge of a wooded area, and they were just the right size for Muay Thai! So, the next day when I went back to the office, I called the head coach at the high school to see if they still used these hand shields or if I could have them to use.  He said, "Sure, Coach, you can have them, but I gotta warn you, there's a bunch of bees back there." 

I was like, "Oh great!" And then I called a few of my defensive linemen. I think it was Brandon and Brewer, both defensive tackles. Told them we had a mission, and we had to get this done. Back then, you could go pick up your players in your truck, hang out with them, get to know them. They were my friends. Yeah, shit has changed. So, I loaded up two of my players and we headed to the field. I explained the situation. I think, looking back, that Brandon volunteered for the job to go in, get the pads and beat the bees out of there. He'd volunteer for anything. He was one tough son of a gun, hunted wild boar with a knife. In fact, he once presented me with a VHS copy of one of his hunts in slow motion where he jumps in there and takes care of the boar. "Country Boy" from Hank Jr. was played over top of it. Badass.

So, he goes into the woods and he grabs the shields and I'm like, "Do you have them? YES! C'MON!" And he's like, "There ain't no bees, Coach!"

And then he goes, "OH SHIT!" and he starts running really fast. I mean, real fast. Herschel Walker would've been like- who is that guy who just ran past me?-Brandon was yelling, BEEEEEEEES!!! and I started running and laughing and he was running and laughing, and he only got stung a few times. He didn’t even complain about it. And we were so excited to get those pads and then he handed them to me (as I was rolling up the window as fast as I could just in case some bees were coming) and the pads looked great on the outside , but they were all rotten on the inside. 

We counted it as mission accomplished, with light injuries. It was worth it because of the mission. And seeing Brandon run so damn fast.

It would be years before I could get a real set of Thai pads.

Sunday, March 22, 2020


So this virus is no fun, is it?

Makes you feel a little vulnerable, doesn't it?

Makes you ask yourself just what the hell is going on, doesn't it?

Makes you ask yourself, am I ready if something really does happen where I need to SURVIVE?

I saw that background checks for guns are up 300% recently.  I wonder how many of those folks trying to buy guns are the same people that agree with all of the bullshit laws that the Bloomberg/Biden/Killary faction are trying to pass to further limit our constitutional rights? I bet there's a bunch of them. You see, that's what gun owners have been trying to tell you pukes all along: It's about protecting yourself and your family. But thats okay, keep listening to the politicians that think that you can't be trusted with guns but they can be protected by them 24 hours a day.  Don't you see that's wrong? Hypocrites and losers. They can't hunt or fish or shoot a gun or fight because they never had to. Bring those cowards out on the streets or in the woods and let them fend for themselves. Bet they ain't waiting in line for groceries. I wish Biden would call me or my friends (or even my 8 year old) out to fight like he did to the worker the other day. My 8 year old would whip his punk ass. I guess that all of this makes me pretty frustrated because I see it as a common sense thing and it irks me that people don't have common sense. 

Reminds me of a columnist from the Washington Post years ago, Carl Rowan, who was all about gun control this and gun control that but ended up shooting a teenager that trespassed into his yard illegally with a gun that he received from his son, an FBI agent.  It was okay for him, but dammit, not for you, you lowly peasant! His defense? This is what he said:

"I am for gun control," Rowan said, "but I am not for unilateral gun control, in which I leave my family naked to the druggies and the crooks out there."

NO SHIT!?!?!!

Reminds me of all the politicians who agreed with forced busing in the 1970's but then sent their kids to private schools. Not so fast, you regular, common person! Pass me the Grey Poupon!

The good thing is that now with all of the cameras on phones and social media is that these hypocrites are being exposed more than ever. Politicians  wanna tell us about morals and how to live but they get their kids jobs using influence and dump stocks using insider info and make millions while regular people lose everything.

But it's fine. I'll stick with my kind and they can stick with theirs. Keep trusting the folks who want to rule your lives and who say that they have your best interests at heart all the while denying you your rights as a human as they stay above it all, getting richer, protected by men with guns, making up laws that benefit them and hurt you. Keep taking it and taking it until all of everything that you have is gone. It'll happen. Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Bas Barbell Gym In the Front Bar in the Back Updated

I started thinking how cool it would be to have a gym and bar combo to go to. 

A gym with old York weights everywhere that clang together at the top of a completed squat rep and a heavy bag in the middle of the gym, and dumbells that go up to 220 plus pounds. A gym where the music comes from an old boombox in the corner. A gym where the strongest guy picks the music and it has to be Southern Rock or Metal. A gym where you can train shirtless and barefoot and nobody gives a shit and where there isn't anyone checking social media or texting. A gym where nobody can train with their hood on or a dumb ass hat on sideways. A gym where the only phone is a pay phone in the corner. A gym with no cardio machines whatsoever. A gym with no drinks to buy, just an old rusty water fountain in one corner.  A gym with no water bottles or Yeti's allowed. A  gym with posters of Randy White, Mike Webster, Lawrence Taylor, Kirk Karwoski, Hunting Labradors, Bill Kazmaier, Tom Platz (not posing, lifting),and a huge poster that reads, WILL OVER HOPE. 

And a  place where you can get done with a great training session and go through the next set of doors and see all of your buddies and have a good time. A bar where everyone feels right at home. Where the mugs are always frosty with ice dripping off of them and the bartender has an attitude and will tell you to go to hell,  but deep down inside she's a sweetheart but she does have a gun behind the mini fridge if anyone pisses her off.  One where the people police themselves. One where if you feel like punching someone in the face or getting punched in the face, everyone heads out back and the two participants put on some gloves and get it on and it's no big deal.

I have been in great gyms and I have been in great bars, but never the two combined. The time is now for this to happen! Hell, I will be the owner. So here are some of the rules for my establishment:

Some hard and fast rules for Bas Barbell's Gym and Bar

1. NO stretching allowed. In the gym or in the bar.

2. Chalk is allowed and encouraged.

3. No Velcro belts, ever. Okay, Dorian Yates is the exception.

4. Honorary president of gym-Kirk Karwoski  Honorary president of the bar- Ronnie Van Vant

5. No backpacks allowed unless they are camo and have a slot for a canteen, and maybe a red spot on it where people aren't sure if its blood or not.

6. You must Deadlift a certain minimum weight to give advice to anyone- 700 for men, 405 for women

7. No whining (in the gym or the bar).

8. No false chatter, no cheering of any sort, no high fives, no clapping, no celebrating ever, ever, ever. Here is what is am allowed:"nice job" or "hell yes" and "thats what the fuck I am talking about"

9.  Absolutely no phones allowed except for the payphone on the wall at the back of the bar. Cell phones will be smashed and set on fire out back. 

10. Music is controlled by the strongest person in the gym. One rule about the music no matter how damn strong you are: No rap.

11. No tights/yoga thingies of any kind. Cut off sweat pants encouraged. No dancing anywhere on the premises. 

12. No trash allowed in the spittoons. Just spit.

13. Use of the outdoor shower is on a first come first serve basis. Bring your own towel. The hose outside can also be used. Or the bucket in the well out back. 

14. Must know the password to come in. Password is Bill Starr

15.  United States and the Maryland flag must be prominently displayed in gym and bar.

16. No water bottles. Absolutely none. Drink from the fountain.

17. Official beer is Budweiser, official whiskey is George Dickel

18. Mason Jars are the only glasses to drink from in the bar.

19. Budweiser and a shot of Dickel are 5 dollars everyday

20. Jukebox in the corner of the bar must play only Country, Southern Rock and Metal. Marshall Tucker, Kieth Whitley, Merle Haggard, Skynyrd and Pantera (Not Cowboys from Hell), are the main artists on there. Each play costs a quarter.

21.  Fights are allowed but only in the field out back. No kicking, because Johnny B from Southwest Philly says that only girls kick in his neighborhood. So girls are allowed to kick when they fight, I guess. 

Take it out back, Elvis!
22. Dogs are allowed and encouraged in the gym and bar area. Big dogs only. No yapping dogs. No fluffy dogs. No dogs with sweaters or bells. No dogs with harnesses. 

23. Dropping of dumbells allowed. Dropping of Mason Jars not allowed

24. Hats on frontwards or backwards, never sideways.

25. Guns and knives are encouraged in the gym and bar area.

26. Six month trial for all new members, gym members must vote unanimously on each new member.

27. Certain folks are grandfathered in-Randy White and any old Baltimore Colts.

28. Any military active or retired are allowed in. If you are in the military and are not 21, you can still lift here and also drink here. If you are putting your life on the line for your country, you can have a few beers.

29. Food on the menu? Maryland Crabs, Steak, burgers, pork roll sandwiches, Old Bay fries, cream of crab soup, rockfish sandwiches.

30. Dart throwing area and knife/axe throwing area in the bar are used on a first come/first serve basis. Skeet shooting range out back is also on a first come first served basis.

31. No darts or knives or axes are allowed to be used while fighting. 

32.  Everyone must sign the waiver so you can't sue anyone if you get your ass beat. Proper etiquette upon receiving an ass beating is to shake hands, walk back into the bar and buy your opponent a drink. 

33. No man buns. Even if you can deadlift 1,000 pounds, no man buns. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Some Thoughts

If you are a man or a woman and you have kids, you need to get them off the damn phone and take them in the woods. Get them a hunting license and take them hunting. Take them shooting. If you have never done it yourself, shooting or hunting, then you need to learn. It's not hard and the thing about folks who hunt and shoot is that they all want to help you get started. If you show that you are serious AND you want to start your kid off right, they will bend over backwards to help you.

And why is this important? Because now we are getting further away from having our kids being independent and we are getting further away from having kids who ever get outside except on a playground during recess. And even then, the "teachers" (usually amazingly liberal and irrational and America hating and not ashamed to say so with their opinions in class) may say it's too cold to be outside. Already, some of my favorite memories are having my son in the duck or goose blind with me. And I didn't grow up a hunter. My Dad was a fisherman and that's what we did. I cherish those memories. But I had a yearning to learn to hunt when I was in college and it changed my life forever. I saw the value in it right away, the dog working, the sunrise, braving the elements, the camaraderie, the ball busting, the smell of the fire, the smell of the gunpowder, the moment when the geese land into the decoys. If that seems strange to you, all of that, then I suggest you try it. You will not be sorry.

They used to have hunter safety classes in the schools, and I think that most of that has gone away. Maybe down South they may still have it in places. Probably not in Virginia, with the Governor threatening to get the National Guard out there to take away guns from people. That asshole needs to go hunting. I bet he's never even shot a gun. And his buddy Bloomberg definitely hasn't. He needs a dip of Copenhagen and some Camo and a good old fashioned throat punch to earn his man card. He'd probably slap fight. He should fight Harvey Weinstein! Bloomberg is failing miserably as a man and a person, the coward. Don't get me started on those type of people who are guarded by guys with guns 24 hours a day, but want to take guns away from the everyman who is protecting his family and just wants to do a little deer hunting on the weekends. And people fall for this crap?

 I just see where its going, and I see less and less kids who are shooting and hunting and there are plenty of laws in place that stop law abiding citizens from owning guns, and all of these lawmakers need to get out of their mansions and get dirty and cold and brave the elements and work hard to get a deer or a bird or just shoot some skeet. Damn! Why can't people see it? The stuff that I hear about what teachers say about the USA to the kids is AMAZING to me. In fact, the one of my kid's teachers  was talking about how bad America was and how everything , yes everything, in this country is awful  and how the USA is this and that and one kid raised his hand (after this went on for a few days) and asked, "Why do you hate this country so much?" We used to say the pledge and sing "Maryland, My Maryland" every morning at school. I'm not talking about blind patriotism here, I'm talking about showing some loyalty to the place where you live and for all the men have fought and died so that we are free. Well, more free than every other country. Free. To live, man. To write if you wanna be a writer, to be a salesman if you wanna sell. And really, everyone in this country has a shot. I don't give a shit how poor you are, you will get a shot. Nobody has the same shot to reach whatever heights that you want to reach that we do. You wanna just work enough to get by? You can do that here. Wanna be rich? You can do that here, too.  Things have changed here. You have a shot at being whatever you want to be. And you want to protest something? Go right ahead. You have that right because you live here. Just do it peacefully, like 25 thousand gun owners did the other day in Virginia. No looting or killing or setting fires. Be tolerant, dammit! Oh! Just tolerant if people believe what you believe. It doesn't work both ways.

Part of what made America great is the outdoors and guns and they have both been part of the fabric of our country since its inception. And our kids are suffering because of all of this shit , pure shit that is clouding their brains, all of the stuff that keeps them inside all day long. And then they go to school and they are hearing these opinions from their teachers about what THEY believe in. Teach math and shut the hell up. Sorta like actors should do. Yeah, I'm gonna take advice from Barbara Streisand and Meryl Streep on how we all should live, God give me strength. As they pontificate from their lofty perches with walls around them and guns protecting them and the rest of them with their holier than though attitudes, feel the need to tell you about how YOU are screwing up the environment, you peasant, as they arrive in their planes and gas guzzling limousines. Seriously?

This is rambling a little, probably because I get so pissed off at this stuff, but I do have a point:

Take the step and man the hell up. Get your kids out in the woods and teach them how to shoot and take them hunting and keep the tradition alive for future generations.  Don't listen to the crap that everyone is trying to sell you. Get back to nature and common sense.  I think that if all of that goes away, we are in big trouble as a country.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Building Policy of Softness

A while back, I wrote a blog about my seven year old not being allowed to go outside for recess because he didn't have a coat on. And it was almost 60 degrees . Hell, I keep my house a little over 60 degrees.

It gets better. He wore a jacket to school the next day, but because he had shorts on, he wasn't allowed outside. Because his legs may freeze to death. That happens all of the time. So he began wearing "tights" or whatever you call them under his shorts (Little boys can wear them, men cannot).THEN all the children were told that they "must wear one of those puffy jackets" in order to go outside. Pretty soon, they will have to wear a freaking ski suit just to step outside. The principal said that it was "building policy" regarding the wearing of all the stuff. Building policy? Ok, here is what the policy probably reads:

"Children will wear copious amounts of clothing no matter what the parents think or how soft we are making said children in the long run. The goal of the staff here is to not understand science regarding sickness (not from being cold) but to go by the myths and misconceptions of the staff. " In addition, keep the classrooms hot as hell so the teachers (women who are notoriously cold all of the time) will be comfortable, but the little boys will be hot and uncomfortable."

Hey, how about in June, when its 90 degrees, I send my son to school in jeans and a long sleeve shirt! What will they say then? It's too hot to wear that outfit? I'm gonna put a freaking goose down jacket on him with his hood up and a face mask. Building policy, my ass.

Drive by the local playground or basketball court and not one kid has a jacket on. Pretty soon, they will pass laws governing that shit too, if all of the pansies have their way.

Little boys(and girls of course) need to be tough. They need to be able to handle little things like being cold or hot and they need to dig up worms and be dirty and climb monkey bars and fall and they need to ride their bikes in the woods and they need to go snake hunting and carve their names in trees with their Buck knives and shoot a BB gun and not be told that everything will hurt them or is bad for them.

What the hell is going on? Has it aways been that way? Nope. And why is it that way now? I don't know. Smother, smother smother them until they get to the point where they will only be able to peer out the window of their bedroom between video games, wondering what it would be like to be a "real" kid.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is That Too Much To Ask?

Yeah, I have written about it before, but damn 

I hate the city. I grew up in the suburbs Maryland, but it was different. I had 100 acres of woods behind my house and a trout stream in there, and I learned how to fish and chop wood and explore. I grew up swimming in the creek and carving JIM + (whatever girl at the time) with my Buck Knife into trees and my parents had zero idea where I was, and they didn't need to worry anyway. By myself I fought, swam , jumped my bike over ramps, smoked cigarettes (not for me!) and fished til the mosquitoes nearly ate me alive. So I was country in heart even though we were like 12 miles from the White House. Then I went to school in North Carolina, coached in Central Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina and hunted when I came back home for the holidays on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. And I loved it. I could shoot my guns everyday, and fish and hunt and go so far out in the woods that it seemed like no other human had walked those lands before. 

I now live in the suburbs in New Jersey. Moved here because of work and stuff. It's like 6 miles outside of Philadelphia. Man, it's so crowded. I like where I grew up and deer would come in the yard, and raccoons and such would visit at night. In North Carolina I would go dove hunting before our 9 am football staff meeting. I came to a staff meeting with dead doves in my pocket one time, all dressed in camo. Fortunately, the head coach was afraid of me after I lost my shit a couple of times... Anyway,  damn, now I can't even cough without my freakin neighbors hearing me. My kid blows his duck call and I'm always worried that the neighbors will complain, and I'll get an assault charge because everyone lives up each other's asses here, that's how close we live to other people. 

You start thinking about what you really love and maybe it's a sign of age, but you start thinking about wanting to be around only what you want to be around and have nobody close by you unless you choose to have them around you.

Ain't supposed to be like that, and the years are going by and I am not getting any younger just sexier and I yearn for a place with corn growing in the fields and woods behind the corn field, and a goose pit blind in the field, and a flooded timber place in the woods with lots of ducks in it and walking out onto the front porch and hearing the geese coming south like they have been doing for forever and someplace where I can take a piss off the back porch and not have search lights come on. 

Is that too much to ask?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Some Coaching Points

I just want to share some stuff about being a college strength coach and training athletes that I learned over the past 30 years. Most points here seem like common sense, but I'm not so sure. There is more, but this is a good start.

1. Be on time. Be early.  By at least 30 minutes.

2. Have a plan, and explain the plan before the session begins. Explain it so the kids can understand, not to show how smart you think you are at it all. And if you don't know something, tell the kids. Don't look stupid by acting all knowledgeable about stuff you don't know about. 

3. Let the kids have some ownership in the whole thing. Let them pick the curls , triceps and shoulder assistance. You'll be amazed at the athlete's enthusiasm. 

4. Be strict but not a jerk. Athletes can tell if you care about them. They crave the discipline, but if they don't trust you or like you (why do coaches want their players to fear them?) you ain't gonna get the best from them.

5. Be careful with calling a kid out. You better be damn sure that the kid can take it. I had no problem saying, "We are doing up downs because Johnny was late." But I would never go further than that, because you are trying to make them accountable, not trying to crush their spirit. 

6. Don't make them into robots. If you are blowing a whistle to start the reps in a set or to signal the changing of exercises, you may not be a very good teacher, but you may be a control freak. The athletes hate that shit. Nobody gets strong hurrying through a weight workout. But some coaches think that's effective. It is if you want them to dread the weight room and stay weak. 

7. Explain everything that you are doing and why you are doing it. Write it down with the points of emphasis on the exercises. And tell them things like, "We are going to squat heavy today, because it's a long season and we need to stay in the 80% range so we can stay strong and keep injury free.  I have cut the volume down, but bumped the weight up. You need to push through today, it is important." Stuff like that. You aren't a dictator, you are a teacher. I knew one head strength coach who, when asked why the athletes box squatted, answered, " When you get as strong as me, you can question what I do."  What the hell kind of answer is that?

8. Never compromise your ideals. I'd rather leave a place than have some dumb ass administrator tell me what to do with my athletes. That stuff is rampant these days and the best coaches are going into private business because of constant meddling.

And back to the athletes:

I don't know, man. I just figured out a long time ago that college athletes are grown and that they want to succeed, but if you are just a continuance of the asshole coach that they just left at practice, they are  not going to reach their potential. Just be cool. Be strict and have rules, but just be cool with the kids. Have them trust you, let them assume ownership, and listen to them. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Cafeteria Ladies Know Everything

I have railed before on how the entitled ME ME ME youth are much different from youth in the past. I know that every generation thinks that they were tougher or had it rougher than generations gone by. Let's just say that there were pussies then and there are pussies now and there will always be pussies. And there will always be those parents and teachers who baby the kids, and ask them constantly what they want-

Do you want this to eat? 

Kid: NO

Parent : Ok, can I make you something different from everyone else and inconvenience myself even more , you ungrateful little prick?

But really its more like "lets give a young kid the power to boss adults around." The kids love it. 

 And little Johnny can't find his ass with both hands as he gets older because he had parents who just had to do everything for him. 

The parent goes scurrying around trying to find the chicken fingers so little Johnny will be happy. I always think that if that kid is really hungry, he will eat. And if he was really really hungry, he will eat whatever is put in front of him. 

But there is more in the never ending striving of the adults to make our kids (and boys especially) into sniveling pansies who cant take anything that is a challenge or tough in their lives. 

Here is a good one. The "lunch ladies" at my 7 year old's school would not let him go outside today in 56 degree weather without a coat or sweatshirt. They made him get a hooded sweatshirt from the "lost and found "or they would not let him outside.

56 degrees
56, not 26
56 degrees. That's June in Buffalo.  Or maybe July. Do they were coats in June and July? I bet not. 
Almost 60 degrees. 60. 


However, the lunch ladies in all of their infinite wisdom, trained so well in biology , physiology, and their understanding of the science of how each individual reacts to weather, decided to play parent and guardian of my son. 

When I go into any of my kids schools in the Spring, Fall or Winter, the classrooms are so hot that I immediately want to strip down. After the first couple times where I actually began to sweat when visiting, I got  prepared. No jacket, I  wear shorts and a light t-shirt. Listen, ladies, with the heat blasting so hot that every classroom is like an incubator for all the viruses and germs, mind your own business. Throw away your myths and misconceptions about why we get sick, and mind your own business

This is from
"Myth #2:  Wearing Your Coat When Outdoors Prevents A Cold.
We've all heard our mothers say, "Don't go outside without a coat or you'll catch a cold!"  But the truth is you should wear a coat because you may get cold, not necessarily catch a cold. When studied by the New England Journal of Medicine, kids without coats did not catch colds, viruses, or any other bacteria-related illness by not wearing a coat outside in cold weather.  Viruses are contracted by contact or close contact with another person who has a virus or bacterial infection."

We understand that your mom and her mom were like, bundle up! Its 80 outside, you may just catch a chill!

But we ain't doing that stuff. I'm not putting my kids in long pants  or a jacket if I determine that they don't need it. 

Now, every man that I know is pretty much hot as hell all the time. I hate having the heat on, hate putting on long pants, hate the hot ass libraries, book stores, malls, and especially schools. And even though this will sound nice and chauvinistic, I have only met a few women who are hot all the time, the rest start freezing when the temp goes below 80 degrees. And in my son's school, there is only one male teacher (poor hot thing), so the place is like a huge incubator, just cooking up those viruses to spread to everyone. Good job! Take a hint from Siberia. Now those are some hearty ass people. 

              Why Russians are tough as hell.

So now, I have to email the school and ask, just what is the determining factor on when it's too cold for the kids to go outside without a jacket? 56 degrees obviously is, according to the trained doctors in the elementary school cafeteria, but this should be written down somewhere. Like a manifesto of sorts. 

The summary would read,  "Let's endeavor to  make our kids soft and sick! Make sure to make a big deal on how cold it is all the time and anytime the temperature drops below 80 degrees, start freaking out and treat our kids like they are pieces of fine china." 

But if I had my way, here is what would happen. Let's make it a news headline: Kid's immune systems improve and less viruses abound because of new science of not babying the shit out of kids and making them wear coats in 56 degree weather! 

Yeah, I know, it's only a hooded sweatshirt. But in my mind it is just a symptom of how we are decaying our society with all this lovey dovey, never be uncomfortable, never play contact sports, never have to do a damn thing for yourself way that we are raising our kids. 

But do what you want. I'm not putting a coat on my boy when its 56 degrees. In fact, he is on his way to little league practice and the temperature has dropped to 54 degrees, and he's wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I may find him on the field frozen like a popsicle. Or maybe he will survive, but it would be a  miracle. 

Or maybe I should call the trained professionals in the cafeteria at his school and ask them what they think the best route to take in this situation is...

All About Being a Lifer

What's a Lifer? Someone who isn't in to something for just a day, a month, a's for life. Whether its training or your family or your doesn't matter. You work at it, you build on it, you see the big picture . You don't miss workouts because it means something to you. You are like a Shakespearean actor- no matter what is going on in your life, you block it out when it's time to train. You walk into the weight room and all else disappears. Worry about it later.