Tuesday, April 19, 2022

More Stuff

 I have been reading some depressing books lately. I need a funny book. All I read about is the mafia, Vietnam, and Country Noir. Lots of meth and rough folks, killings in those books. sometimes you finish those types of books and you feel like, dirty or something. Good books, just damn depressing. I need a book that makes me laugh out loud. I laugh a lot in life, though. I get some laughs in, real hard laughing in every day. I laugh at my dog, Rebel. He has lots of personality. He's brave as hell when hunting, but a big old baby when he isn't hunting.  He does funny things for me because God must know that the world is shit and I need some damn laughs.

Have you ever wondered what people are really like? Or rather, why they are the way that they are? I watch the parents at travel baseball games, all screaming and acting like they need attention so bad. And then the guy who is dying to coach but he never played any sport in their life and is all soft looking and keeps sneaking onto the field to act like he is helping but is really just coaching his son. What the hell is wrong with people? He needs a throat punch but would definitely press charges and he definitely likes to wear a mask and send his kid to school with a mask. I often wonder how parents live in a dream world of their kid being great but they really suck and will never even play in high school. Poor kids, all that pressure from their parents who never ever ever ever played past little league.  Why are they here? Why are they taking up space and breathing air? Useless.

I wonder about stuff lately. How this world is gonna turn out? you have to be kidding me if you think that shit is going well right now. Inflation, illegal immigration. This stuff is being allowed to happen. Fuck them all. They hate regular citizens and want to enslave us. And they are open about it. They flaunt it all in your face.  The Patriots will always win in the end. You can complain about cops and Trump all that you want to. Meanwhile, look who you voted for the last time. Yeah, going well, huh? You want to know how America should change? Look what Guliani did with New York years ago. That's what we need. Evil people in this world, taking charge, wielding power, killing to keep their power. Protecting child traffickers and pedos. They are everywhere. Look up stats on how many kids are missing each year. Y'all gonna pay for it all, whether in this life or the next, and it will be really hot where you are going. 

So what's the good news? The people who love this country and will die to defend it are numerous and everywhere. Don't fall for the bullshit. The wackos are just the loudest and control the media. Stay strong, it is coming. It is coming like a freight train with no damn brakes.

All About Being a Lifer

What's a Lifer? Someone who isn't in to something for just a day, a month, a year...it's for life. Whether its training or your family or your job...it doesn't matter. You work at it, you build on it, you see the big picture . You don't miss workouts because it means something to you. You are like a Shakespearean actor- no matter what is going on in your life, you block it out when it's time to train. You walk into the weight room and all else disappears. Worry about it later.