Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Letter To An Old Friend

 Hey Buddy! Glad that you are coming down to see me and the family!  Here are some directions for when you get close to the house off of Route 50. 

Take a right on the dirt road past the produce stand that is half broken down.  My driveway has the old mailbox with an American flag painted on it. You'll know that you are on the right road when about 300 yards in you can look to the right and see a pond with a duck blind , and then a little further down the road (about another 300 yards) you should see the cabin. Ain't much to it, I know, but it is all mine, and it's good enough for me. You may hear the dogs bark as you pull up,  but that's okay, don't worry, it's just the Lab and the Malinois, both females and they don't get many visitors. 

The Lab is probably hoping that you are here to go hunting with his Daddy and I now that  the Malinois is hoping that you will try to break in or do some aggressive act so she can eat your ass off.

Park off to the left of the cabin, next to the old truck. I may be working out on my old York Barbell weight set. I may be deadlifting , or squatting or doing some pushups, especially if it's early in the morning. Look for my boys, too. They will either be lifting weights with me or shooting arrows into a target in the field.

Or I may be hitting the heavy bag with my sons. The bag is  hanging from the old Oak tree behind the barn.

Just keep coming, you will find us eventually.

After I finish my workout, I'm gonna chop some wood but I won't be long. I just need enough for the fire that we will sit around after supper. 

Let's have some gumbo tonight, its got snow goose in it and you know that snow goose can come out tasting like dirt but in the gumbo it tastes pretty good. I have a bunch of beer in the fridge waiting on you, IPA's and of course, Budweiser. 

After that we will work with the dogs some. It'll be dark by then, but I have some spotlights on the roof of the barn and I can see well enough to throw some training bumpers for the Lab and to do some obedience with the Malinois. 

Feel free to pet the Lab, but go easy around the other one until she gets to know you.

We will get the fire going after that, and the boys will come out and we will tell some stories about hunting and football to them and they will eat it all up.

We better turn in early, probably around 9 o'clock, because we need to start setting up the goose decoys pretty early. There are a couple hundred of them and I want it to be just right so that we have a great hunt.

I hope we get some , but if we don't , we will go out again in the evening. And if we don't get any in the evening, that is okay , too.

 It'll just be enjoyable being with my old friend, my sons and my dogs out in the beautiful country.

Safe Travels,  Jim

All About Being a Lifer

What's a Lifer? Someone who isn't in to something for just a day, a month, a's for life. Whether its training or your family or your doesn't matter. You work at it, you build on it, you see the big picture . You don't miss workouts because it means something to you. You are like a Shakespearean actor- no matter what is going on in your life, you block it out when it's time to train. You walk into the weight room and all else disappears. Worry about it later.