Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Within 2 weeks, I am going to publish an e-book on this website. It will be co-authored by myself and Tracy Zimmer(of youtube awesomeness), my assistant.

What will it be about? It is going to be an 8 week program that will have everything in it to get you stronger than ever before and in better shape than ever before.

It will have 8 weeks of weight workouts and 8 weeks of running,and agility programs also. There won't be any BS in it at all. No pics of someone doing curls, or crunches. It will just be the MEAT,the stuff that will get you to your goal.

I wanted something where everyday you knew exactly what you needed to do to get better just by looking at the book. No guesswork involved.

It won't be easy. But who wants easy?

And it wont be expensive. It will be 12.00. I hate overpriced crap that is just filler.

Anyway, keep an eye out for it. We are pretty excited about it.

All About Being a Lifer

What's a Lifer? Someone who isn't in to something for just a day, a month, a's for life. Whether its training or your family or your doesn't matter. You work at it, you build on it, you see the big picture . You don't miss workouts because it means something to you. You are like a Shakespearean actor- no matter what is going on in your life, you block it out when it's time to train. You walk into the weight room and all else disappears. Worry about it later.