Monday, September 26, 2011

Training Partners

Ive been known to train by myself in various basement gyms and on rainy Sunday mornings with my dog at my feet. Sometimes it just feels right to be alone, training. Just you and your thoughts and the barbell. and of course a small radio that plays your cd's.
Other times, its great to have someone there for you as a partner. My wife and I trained together for a bodybuilding show. We were rough on each other, cussing each other out, pushing each other to the extremes that it sometimes takes to get results. When I was at Gardner -Webb, Jimmy was my partner and we clicked pretty well.We used to squat until one of us puked and then go eat biscuits and gravy at Hardees, riding there in his old Mazda truck with the fake cell phone on the dash.

Today, I have Big John, Tracy, Cristi, Believin' Stephen and Jeff. And although we arent doing the same exercises like my old training partners, we are all in there, encouraging each other, wrapping knees, and spotting. Sometimes the atmosphere can get pretty electric, especially on squat and deadlift days.
I like both ways, actually. On heavy days, have a partner or two or three. On light days or when you just aren't in the mood, train alone. They both have their place.

Me and Big John

All About Being a Lifer

What's a Lifer? Someone who isn't in to something for just a day, a month, a's for life. Whether its training or your family or your doesn't matter. You work at it, you build on it, you see the big picture . You don't miss workouts because it means something to you. You are like a Shakespearean actor- no matter what is going on in your life, you block it out when it's time to train. You walk into the weight room and all else disappears. Worry about it later.